Importance of Inspection

Is it necessary to have a Professional Home Inspection?

The answer is simply "YES"!

Always have your home thoroughly inspected by a professional, especially if it is a fixer-upper. Knowing what to expect will help you to make an informed decision about the value of your home, as well as the costs of future repairs and upkeep.

A home inspection can help you to calculate renovating costs. In addition, a home inspection will show any major structural defects, plumbing and electrical defects, as well as maintenance issues that you will need to address in the future.

With VA and FHA loan approvals, the appraiser who comes out to appraise the home's worth also looks at the condition of the home. However, the appraiser is not a certified home inspector, nor is the appraiser typically a contractor. The primary purpose of the appraisal is to make sure that the value of the home is at or above the purchase price that the buyer is paying for the home. Therefore, it is important to have a separate home inspection in addition to the VA or FHA appraisal.

Once the home inspection is complete, the buyer will have an opportunity to negotiate any repairs required with the seller. These repairs should only include issues that affect "habitability" versus issues that are maintenance type issues.

Keep your eyes open and use a professional home inspector versus a friend in the business, or only the advice of the realtor. Not just any inspector will do! Make sure that your home inspector is certified, has lots of experience, and has a list of references that you can call! Do research on your own to determine the inspector that you would like to use. Be comfortable with your choice, and try to make that decision before signing a house contract! You will have very limited time to set up and schedule an appointment once the contract is signed, so try to make the decision up front, before you buy!

Not only should you never skip an inspection, but also you should go along with the inspector during inspection. This gives you a chance to ask questions about the property and get answers that are not biased. In addition, the oral comments are typically more revealing and detailed than what you will find on the written report. Once the inspection is complete, review the inspection report carefully.

You have to demand an inspection when you present your offer. It must be written in as a contingency; if you do not approve the inspection report, then you don't buy. Most real estate contracts automatically provide an inspection contingency.

If you have any questions at all about home inspections, feel free to give us a call at our toll free number (877) 901-1551.

Thanks and Happy House Hunting!


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