Shawn and Sharon's Column

I'm buying a new home from a builder. Why do I need a real estate agent when I can deal directly with the builder?

A good builder will always be willing to co-op with realtors so that the commission is paid by the seller, and not the buyer. Just like in a transaction where a home is already built, the buyer deserves to have representation in the transaction.

A real estate agent will typically have more information about the builders, their products and the pros and cons of the builders and the communities in which you wish to build.

A real estate agent will offer you advice as you go through the process of visiting models, comparing features, sorting out options and picking a floor plan that will enhance the resale value of your home. Some options may add value for you, but will not increase the value of your home. Your real estate agent can help you to make those types of decisions.

In addition, your real estate agent will help you when problems arise (as they always do!). Building a house can be stressful. Having someone on your side who knows the business, and whose company uses that builder can go a long way to help alleviate any problems that you may have.

Shawn will go to your home as it is being built on a weekly basis and work with the building supervisor to be sure that all of the quality you are looking for is being built in correctly!

If you decide to use a real estate professional, be sure to have them "register" with you on the very first visit to the model home, or else you may not be able to have representation!