Cost to You
Nothing! Any compensation given to REALTOR is recognized by the builder as a marketing fee and has no impact on the final cost of the home. Builders desire, expect and encourage REALTOR participation. All compensation to the realtor is usually paid by the builder.

Savings to You
Are you getting what you're entitled to have ... both in quality and value? Your experienced agent knows what you should receive and what "extras" and "specials" might be available.

Resale...Appreciation & Profit
Give your investment the best opportunity for appreciation at resale. Questions concerning site location, builder, design and decor are important. Your agent knows you are building not only for today ... but for tomorrow.

You Are Represented
With your real estate agent, YOU are represented! Your agent's experience, knowledge, and reputation represents strength and leverage on your behalf. Shawn is a Certified New Home Specialist and has built many homes with previous clients. Call and ask for our reference list!

Build on Your Own Lot!

Here is one of our recommended vendors to build on your own lot, KHovnanian Construction www.khov.com. Before you go visit a builder, call Shawn for help! He will help you with the tough decisions about land and tell you the value of your current home! If you do not go out on your first visit with your realtor, you cannot later get representation to help you through the process!